Saturday, June 13, 2009


Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult is to refrain the tongue

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound...

Easy is to forgive others
Difficult is to ask for forgiveness

Easy is to set rules.
Difficult is to follow them...

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a dream...

Easy is to show victory.
Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity...

Easy is to admire a full moon.
Difficult to see the other side...

Easy is to stumble with a stone.
Difficult is to get up...

Easy is to enjoy life every day.
Difficult to give its real value...

Easy is to promise something to someone.
Difficult is to fulfill that promise...

Easy is to say we love.
Difficult is to show it every day...

Easy is to criticize others.
Difficult is to improve oneself...

Easy is to make mistakes.
Difficult is to learn from them...

Easy is to weep for a lost love.
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.
Easy is to think about improving.
Difficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action...

Easy is to think bad of others
Difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt...

Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give

Easy to read this
Difficult to follow

Easy is to keep the friendship with words
Difficult is to keep it with meanings

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mau kje? mari2..

We at TrendNexus (Damansara Perdana Office) are looking for young & dynamic minds to join our team:

1) Account Executive (Client Servicing)
- presentable & highly interactive individual with good command in english language (spoken and written)
- min Diploma holder in related field
- 3 yrs professional experience in client relations / servicing / etc.
- own car

2) Procurement / Supply Management / Production Executive
- min Diploma holder in related field
- 3 yrs professional experience in Procurement / Supply Management / Production/ etc.
- Proficiency in Spreadsheet (MS Excel, etc.)

Please send us your CV and contact us to set an interview appointment:
TrendNexus Sdn Bhd
52-2 Perdana Business Centre
Jalan PJU 8/5B Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7728 2280 - ms aina / ms. safra / mr. farik
Fax: 03-7725 2280
Email: / /

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Every day we awaken with another chance in our life

Sometime we forgot how lucky we are and we often forget

To appreciate the little things around us, that means so much

Here’s a poem I wish to share with all of you

Thank you for being apart of this wonderful group

Too often we don’t realize

What we have until it is gone

Too often we wait too late to say

“I am sorry, I was wrong”

Sometimes it seems we hurt the one

We hold dearest to our heart

And we allow foolish things

To tear our lives apart

Far too many time we let

Unimportant thing into our mind

And then it is usually too late

To see what make us blind

So be sure that you let people know

How much they mean to you

Take the time to say the word

Before the time is through

Be sure that you appreciate

Everything you’ve got

And be thankful for the little thing

In life that mean a lot